Market Rules

All who wish to participate in the Market will complete and sign an application. Your Application will be collected yearly at the Spring Vendor Meeting or on the first day of your attendance at the Market. This application will constitute an agreement between the vendor and the Market to abide by the policies and rules of the Bonners Ferry Farmers Market.
  1. Market hours are Saturday 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. Setup begins at 7:00am. Please no sales before 8:00am. Vendors may buy from each other before the market opens to the public.
  2. NEW craft vendors will be required to submit 3 photos that represent the items they wish to sell & an application prior to selling at the market. A quorum of board members will review the submitted information and notify the applicant if approved.
  3. Vendors pay an Annual Membership Fee per 1 space plus a % of gross sales. This is to offset expenses for advertising, on-site Idaho nursery license & liability insurance, City of Bonners Ferry business license & space rental, market website, signs, market events, printing, postage & more. Receipts are available at check out. All weekly dues are to be paid by the end of the Market day.
  4. Each Vendor is allotted one 10' X 10' space. 1 vehicle is allowed per space. Any other vehicles, trailers, or equipment must be parked off site. The goal is to create a market layout that is complimentary to all vendors and to the market as a whole. All vendors should check in with the Market Manager for placement at the beginning of each market. Season space assignment will be at the discretion of the Board and Market Manager. Should a vendor with a reserved space not be able to attend they must notify the Market Manager 1 day prior to the market so their space can be filled.
  5. Vendors must be residents of the contiguous counties/province including & bordering Boundary County: Boundary County, Bonner County, Pend Orielle County (Washington), Lincoln County (Montana), southern British Columbia (Canada), all within 50 miles of Bonners Ferry.
  6. Vendors shall sell only products that they themselves grow, harvest, create, or produce within 50 miles of Bonners Ferry. No reselling or selling for others is permitted. No garage sale, flea market or wholesale items are permitted.
  7. All products must comply with state and local Health and ISDA rules. Please check their requirements to see how this applies to you. Vendors whose food types require licensing must have their actual farmers' market stand, equipment, and services (includes kitchen) inspected by an Idaho Health District Environmental Health Officer. The Market will need to have copies of these licenses and inspections on file before sales can take place. Those Vendors must have food establishment permits on site.
  8. Vendors must comply with all state & local laws, ordinances, and regulations and those of the Bonners Ferry Farmers Market. The Bonners Ferry Farmers Market works cooperatively with the USDA, ISDA, Panhandle Health Dept, Idaho Tax Commission and the City of Bonners Ferry. Violations of any US, State or local laws or regulations will result in suspension of membership without reimbursement of fees. Any resulting fines shall be the responsibility of the violating vendor. The Bonners Ferry Farmers Market Board of Directors and market vendors will follow the law under counsel of these authorities.
  9. You are responsible for obtaining your own product liability insurance. The Farmers Market has liability insurance that covers accidents only.
  10. All vendors are required to collect Idaho State sales tax on any sales made at the market. Vendors must complete Idaho Form ST-124 each year before any sales can take place.
  11. NO DUMPING IS ALLOWED. Vendors are not allowed to give products away for free or at unreasonably low prices, thus undercutting potential sales of other vendors. Please take time to know your production costs and set your prices at a fair market value.
  12. Vendors must be present during market times. You may substitute a family member or on-farm employee occasionally if the need arises.
  13. Please take into consideration that you are part of your display and that the market is a family oriented venue. We aim for a clean, attractive look at the market. Please leave your space cleaner than you found it.
  14. It is Mandatory that your set-up be wind-proof with weights and tie-downs on all 4 legs to protect customers & vendors from blow-overs on blustery days at the market. Your display must also stay within your 10'x10' space (including canopy legs), and not block access to other vendor's spaces.
  15. All animals for sale or display must be contained or on a leash at all times.
  16. Consequences of not following the Bonners Ferry Farmers Market rules:
    1. First Offence: verbal warning from the Market Manager to correct the violation.
    2. Second Offence: verbal warning from the Market Manager to correct the violation.
    3. Third Offence: Written warning to the vendor of continued violation with consequences of action from the board. This will include temporary or permanent suspension from the market for the season at the boards discretion. Written notice will be provided and consequences will be enforced. There will be no refund of vendor fees when suspended.
  17. Any problems or suggestions may be brought before the Board of Directors. This will ensure a relaxed atmosphere with good communication between all vendors.